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Elite photography/video, live production, meeting space and studio rental

Manhattan Beach Studios LLC provides an amazing space for you. We regularly host photographers, video professionals, events and live productions, share our expertise and make available cutting-edge equipment and techniques. Separately, we provide a wide range of photographic, video and imaging services. We provide cutting-edge content for your print and web needs, including images and video, 360/virtual reality, animated images, virtual tours, portrait and product shoots, live video production and more.Here are just a few things we offer:

  • Studio Rental: We regularly host photographers, video professionals and live productions who wish to use our space. We include amenities, WiFi access, core equipment and offer reasonable prices.
  • Live Production Environment: Streaming and live to tape, perfect for your social media, YouTube, corporate function, event, webcast and more. We use top of the line microphones and cameras, live graphics, lower thirds, green screen and virtual sets, call-ins and a ton of other features to make your presentation rock.
  • Photo and Video Services: State of the art photography and video with professionals who employ decades of experience; let us help you meet your goals.
  • Dance Parties, Movie Screenings and More!: We regularly host parties, movie screenings, corporate meetings, classes, dance parties and more. 

Our Location

The Studio is located at 1600 Rosecrans Ave., near the corner of Rosecrans Ave. and Aviation Blvd. Entrance is through the security gate on Redondo Blvd (at 33rd). Let us know. We'd love to show you our space and chat about our capabilities! Please be sure to visit the studio page for our amenities as well as images of the space and the contact us page for more information on our location.

Customers Served by Manhattan Beach Studios (Sample)

Please Contact us at (310) 800-1999 or by email for more information on our services or the space. We look forward to hearing from you.

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