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Manhattan Beach Studios - Studio RentalOur studio is tremendously well-equipped and available for your use. Our main room is 32x17 with white walls and high ceilings. We have backdrop bars on two adjacent walls and acoustic panels throughout. Our prices start at $45/hour (2 hour minimum), $40/hour for a five hour minimum or $35/hour for a 10 hour minimum. We charge additional for cleaning for certain events and do charge fees for holidays and late nights or for functions requiring more constant on-site supervision or staffing. Lastly, we do require an insurance certificate or can assist in providing day-rate/event insurance. 

Included Gear: We include stands, three (3) Einstein strobes, a variety of modifiers (including grids, gels, barn doors and soft boxes). We also include the Cyber Commander system to measure and adjust the flash power, paper backgrounds in black, white and green and various additional fabric backgrounds. We do charge additional for certain commodities.

Available Gear: We have a ton of additional gear and in most cases can help you meet your specialized requirements. Our gear list includes cameras, Kino Flo, Dedolight and Dracast LED lights, high frame-rate cameras, flashes with 1/2,000,000th sync speed, triggers, sliders, and much much more. Please review our gear list if we can be of any further assistance.

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Strobes, Modifiers and Stands
A Studio Kit is Included
Available Free Upon Request
Paper Backgrounds
10' of Paper is Included
Muslin Backgrounds
Fabric backgrounds available upon request.
360 Animation Kit
Turntable, computerized system
Studio Camera
Cameras available for Rent
Dracast Fresnel 2000
Powerful LED fresnel available
360 and 360 3D Camera
VR Shooting and Editing Kit
Automation Kit
slider, head, focus/zoom, keying system
Field Recording Kit, Boom and Mics
F4, Sennheiser MKE 600, Audix, Wireless Lavs, etc.
Ballistic Kit
Extreme triggers and flashes (1/2,000,000th/sec.)
Video Tripod and Slider
Video Stability Kit available
Dedolight and Projection Kit
Incl. gobos, barndoors, fins and pinpoint iris
Kino Flo Video Lights
2 4x4 Banks Available
LED 1x1 Light Panels
Dracast 1x1 Light Panels (2) Available
High Speed Camera
Edgertronic High Frame Rate Camera
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