The goal of any image is to accomplish your personal and professional goals. Without a clear purpose, the value is diminished and potential is wasted.  When we put an image to use, however, it can come to life. 

We use a variety of specialty, cutting-edge tools to turn these great images into even more brilliant web content. Our “Purpose-Driven Photography“ focuses not merely on the image, but working hard to future-proof your images by shooting for as many intended purposes as we can consider. We may add video sliders, rotation images, and more to allow you as much flexibility as possible. Check out a few of these potential uses for your images:

Photo Books, Brochure and More

An image that is not seen is lost. For instance, family photos sitting on hard drives or private online accounts can vanish permanently among the clutter of life. Business projects that go unfinished can cost thousands of dollars in wasted cost, time and effort. We can help to deliver practically any merchandise you desire quickly and efficiently. 


E-Commerce Images

Selling through the Internet can seem remarkably complicated. With great images, color variations, animations and links it can become as easy as pie. We can not only capture the images, but help select and assemble them into a shopping cart/store front to help you truly connect with your clients online.


Green Screen

Shooting with a green screen allows backgrounds to be easily swapped. Choose a studio background or put yourself right into a photograph or movie. We light our green screens with state-of-the-art precision balanced lights to make the process very easy when editing. My library of green screen backgrounds includes more than 1,000 options in approximately 20 different categories and we can construct practically any scene that can be imagined. If there is something you have in mind, please let me know.


Product Rotations & Animations

One of the most important tools for a business is the ability to animate, illustrate and/or rotate your products and images. With some planning, we can help shoot and produce amazing animations. Whether you are looking to display your product, with labels, image galleries and hot-spots, or create tutorial/explanatory demonstrations, your goals can be easily achieved.

Combining portraiture and other images with animation can produce remarkable results. Using animation in corporate head shots can show personality. It can help customers understand how to assemble products and show clients before and after images. Let the visuals do the talking, or in the case of animation, the showing. GIF animations are easy to assemble and remarkably effective.

This is one area in which we are on the cutting edge, with our very own patent pending animation tools that were invented right here in the South Bay. 


Flip & E-Books

Show off your products, catalog, book or anything else you can think of through our super cool flip books; even add coupons, advertisements, banners, links, hot-spots and much more. Share your personal books with families, or create amazing web catalogs, brochures and much much more.

Flip books are generated from a PDF file, and eBooks can be created and converted in inDesign. Regardless of format, your images and layout can be assembled however you'd like.


Canvas Prints

Here is an example of a canvas print of an image photographed in Bodie Ghost Town. The image was perfectly designed to match the color tones of the wall and measures just under 98" in width. We are able to assist with printing images of any scale, including large scale installations such as this.

There are a tremendous number of options, from mounting options to printing styles and finishes.  We are happy to work with you from up-sizing, color correction and printing options.


Lithophane Carvings

We work to produce one of the most amazing forms of printing - known as lithophane carvings, in which an image is milled / etched onto a material in a way that light passes through revealing the dark and light areas naturally. These prints are mounted and back-lit revealing the detail. These are magnificent works of art and we take pride in our ability to craft these pieces.

The word "lithophane" means "light in stone" and the process dates back to the mid 1800's for carvings in porcelain and bees wax etchings. 


360 Panoramas

Amazing 360 degree panorama tours can be created with maps, images, floor plans and PDFs for download. Multiple panoramas, maps and layouts can be linked and even audio and video can be included.

360 degree tours are delivered web-ready and can be used right on your site or you can link to them. Use them in presentations or to allow potential clients a true experience. They are even VR (Virtual Reality) ready. Your clients can tour your space, decorate and plan efficiently saving you time and money. These are an incredibly powerful tool to help you and your business.


3d Aerial Modeling, Orthomosiac Mapping, Inspection, Search and Rescue and More!

With sophisticated modeling tools, we work with overlapping aerial images to create orthomosaic maps and 3d renderings of objects on the ground, natural features and crisis/damage maps, technical analysis, search and rescue and more. 3d maps can be used for interactive web tours, video and online animations and so much more.


Creative Edits

We enjoy doing fun things with images, both in terms of editing, restoration and creative compositions. Here is a 2d to 3d look with a step out of the photo (note the dirt spilling over). Also, this adds a wind blown effect that works well in creative and advertisement pieces. In this world pretty much anything seems possible. I have helped trouble shoot video, film, music and photography problems and am comfortable assisting in always striving to find excellent solutions and opportunities for any problem. No limits but our creativity.


Painted Looks

We can assemble a TON of different looks, from color, light, tone and feel changes, to a wide range of hand tint and illustration looks. This allows for incredible flexibility and creativity when it comes to finalizing your most cherished images.


Video Edits

We have an extensive background in video work with Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and a variety of other sound and music editing tools. In fact, my background editing sound and film dates back for nearly 30 years. We can create some really cool displays for your personal, commercial and/or website use.


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