360° Animations

It is easy to put 360 product animations together with our automated gear, backdrops and lighting. Not only do we do this quickly and easily with our standard gear, but I invented a patent-pending device called the Photo Crony designed to further enhance our capabilities. Not only can we do very precise rotations, but also multi level animations, and provide the ability to vary colors and establish linear timeline animations. Really cool stuff!

Rotate + Hotspots

This is a rather simple 360 degree animation. The purpose is to provide potential buyers a complete view of the product, along with labels and additional photos. This particular unit is the all-in-one Taurus Tracker for astrophotography, designed to allow you to set up, frame, focus, autoguide and shoot astrophotography with your DSLR camera (just add a t-ring) or CCD camera.

Examples - 3 column

This is a rather 

Examples - 2 column

This is a rather 

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