The Studio and Amenities

With a spacious environment and amenities such as a makeup station, lounge, conference room, restroom/changing area, refrigerator, microwave and coffeemaker, Manhattan Beach Studios LLC wishes for your experience to be comfortable and functional. Please click here for just a few images of our space. And now... here are just some of our amenities:

Meeting Facilities Mounted projector in the main studio allowing for 250"+ projection. Comfortable space, chairs and easy access.
32' x 16' Main Studio Space Comfortable and functional space with a high ceiling and a ton of standard and specialized equipment available - all for reasonable prices.
10 ft. Fixed Backdrop Rod and Backdrops Black, White, Chroma Key Green and various muslins and backdrops available. Spacious white walls and no windows allows you to light in any manner you desire.
Core Studio Equipment Camera stand with Arca Swiss head, platform, clamps, lights, supports and more are included. Our standard is the Arca Swiss mount. Monitoring options include WiFi, the CamRanger (live monitoring of your shoot). Options for tethering and broadcast are available for an additional charge.
Lighting & Grip Equipment Strobes and modifiers including Einstein Strobes, LED Panels, Fresnels, Cyber Commander Module, stands, 22" beauty dish, grids and soft boxes.
Camera and Video Equipment Canon's 5ds (50mp), Canon 1dx I, Canon 1dx II (4k 60fps Video), Edgertronic (up to 17,000 fps), Canon XA-10 (video), sound mics, sliders, automation, DragonFrame (stop motion and automation), Canon lenses 15mm fisheye, 16-35L, 24-70L, 65 1-5x, 70-200L, 100L, 135L, 90TS, 17TS and more are available. Extra charges apply.   
Live Production Environment Utilize a full live 4k production environment, effects, keyers (green screen) and so forth for all of your Youtube, Facebook, live broadcast or live-to-tape corporate and other needs. We use studio cameras, capable switchers, converters and recorders to meet all of your video production needs.
Precision Triggers Extreme high speed camera, 1/2,000,000th of a second flashes, high speed laser, IR, audio and light and ballistic triggers and timing devices available. Extra charges apply.
Makeup Station Daylight-balanced theatrical lighting and mirror as well as a full-sized mirror in the main area. 
Conference Space A private room for meetings, art direction and more allows for client and personal meetings. The room is available in connection with or independent of studio activites.
Workstation Plenty of room for your workstation and monitoring equipment. If requested, the full Adobe Suite is available for your use during your session.
Kitchen Mini fridge, coffee maker, water, coffee, tea, and snacks. 
Restroom and Changing Area A spacious restroom is available for changing. 
Entertainment Hub Enjoy your music with our studio speakers and the use of an HD projector for effects as well as movie enjoyment.
FREE PARKING nearby Lots of street parking just steps away from the studio. No meters.  [Open meters are almost always available in front]
FREE WIFI Extra Folding Tables and Folding Chairs For craft services and extra dining space. 
FREE Goodies Snacks, bottled water, coffee, and tea! 
Plenty of Nearby Amenities Next door to Trader Joe's, Circle K, Tom Boy's and more! Food delivery from many major vendors. Aviation Track across the street.
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